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The Azracs are an aggressive, desert-dwelling race. They are, in many ways, similar to Humans. What little hair they have on their bodies they usually shave. Azracs wear minimal clothing and disdain heavy armor. Their religious zeal makes them particularly aggressive and fanatic.


Azrac society is one of strict religious and societal conformity. Insubordination to one's superiors is neither tolerated nor punished lightly. Azracs believe that the almighty god, Yaka, ordains one's social status. Still, a high level of respect for all other Azracs is common in Azrac society. Azracs are wary of most races and only ally themselves with other neutral races, unless truly dire circumstances force them to broaden the scope of their trust. They typically do not mix or intermingle even with their allies, as all others are seen as inferior in the eyes of Yaka. Azracs disdain the concepts of good and evil, and will go to war with any who stand in the way of their religious beliefs or goals.


Azracs will fight fearlessly, because they believe that dying for their god will make them immortal. They are prepared to give their lives for their king or god at any time. In combat, Azracs most often take the offensive and attack relentlessly. They are naturally good fighters because of their inbred toughness, fostered by living in a harsh desert environment. Their disdain for any kind of armor leaves them somewhat vulnerable, however. Azrac tactics typically consist of overrunning their enemies with brute force and magic, and they rarely employ stealth tactics.