Azrac Priests are called the Yakamajal, meaning "The Will of Yaka." They worship the ageless, all-seeing, Azrac king-god, Yaka. The priests are believed to be the embodiment of Yaka's will among his chosen people. In Azrac society, priests act as teachers, judges, and enforcers of Yaka's Code.

Azrac Priests are not exceptional fighters, but instead, may project arcane energies given unto them by Yaka. They are completely immune to fire and often perform feats of wonder over searing fire pits to impress their subjects. Though sanctimonious, they will heal the "rightly wounded." They can dispel infidel magic. They also possess the power to repel the Yakamapu, meaning "The Waste of Yaka," or more commonly called, the Undead.

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