Appearing almost a cross between a giant turtle and a dragon, the Basilisk stalks the swampy shores searching for food. In order to prevent themselves from becoming the creature's main source of nutrition, the Lizardmen sacrifice their prisoners of war, hoping to satiate its monstrous appetite. In times of peace the Lizardmen sacrifice their elders and cripples to the monster, and should they be too few, the Lizardmen go to war. In Lizardman society it is considered a feat of great honor to face a basilisk and serve as its nourishment and Basilisks do not mind the free food. At home in water or upon the land, and heavily armored, the Basilisk attacks with its gaping mouth lined with daggers of deadly ivory, but its horrible gaze kills even quicker. Legends claim the creature turns its victims to stone, but the truth is far more terrible. With a glance it strikes death into the hearts of its victims, and then consumes the warm flesh, before it can become rigid as stony death.

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