The Djinn are thought to be related to Air Elementals. However, these beings take on a more human countenance and seem more magically adept. Though not particularly strong, Djinn are skilled in combat. They are able to fly and can strike with pure magical energy.

The Djinn are loyal to the Azrac and have at times influenced their social codes and laws. They are revered in Azrac society and sought at times for gifts of wisdom.

Bards sing of the Djinn, portraying them as clever beings which offer luxurious gifts to the greedy. Invariably the gifts turn out to cause the greedy wisher's destruction. Despite all the tales, treasure hunters still seek the Djinn, thinking they can provide, or hoping for a point in the direction of, untold wealth. The result tends to be a parched skeleton swallowed in the golden desert sands.

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