Age of Wonders I Wiki

Dwarves are small, stocky humanoids known for their industriousness and tenacity in battle. They usually live in elaborate underground cities, built beneath mountains, but can adapt to almost any climate. Dwarves harbor a deep respect for the earth and rock, stable things that stand the test of time.


Almost all Dwarves are warriors, inventors, or hard laborers. Dwarves have a very strict work ethic, and do not believe in leisure or wasting time. They are also very family-oriented folk, and it is common for businesses and occupations to be handed down through many generations. Although they will freely cooperate with the other good, and sometimes neutral, races, Dwarves tend to look down upon those who do not work as hard as they do and waste too much time on entertainment


Dwarves make some of the fiercest warriors in all the lands. They prefer a good close-quarters fight to the use of magic and missile weapons, but that does not stop them from laying siege to well-fortified cities with archers and bombards. Although they look down upon stealth tactics, they have been known to attack from underground caves and over mountains to gain the element of surprise.