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Frostlings are a race of small, nomadic humanoids that dwell in the cold northern regions. They are thought to be distant relatives of the Goblins. Frostlings possess a gray complexion and large, deep-blue eyes. Frostling clothing is simple and often weatherworn from the harsh cold winds and ice storms. Because of their natural resistance to the cold, however, Frostlings need little protection from the wintry elements.


Frostling society embraces hard work and struggle. Because of the harsh environment and weather conditions in which they live, Frostlings must rely extensively on the cooperation and support of their fellow townsfolk and neighboring communities. As a nomadic people, when the weather becomes unbearable, they move south to more temperate climates. Oftentimes, the Frostlings will put together raiding parties to conquer nearby towns when they need shelter from extremely harsh weather.


Frostlings are a hardy race, but they are not known for their fighting ability. They are still feared on the battlefield, however, because of the allies they bring from the north, including Dire Penguins, Yeti, Frost Queens, and Ice Drakes. Frostlings rely on fighting ability, magic, and sheer numbers to overcome their foes, utilizing a wider array of tactics when in their home terrain. As a result, their ability to expand their home terrain makes them even more dangerous.