Age of Wonders I Wiki

Related to the Orcs, these little horrors live in filthy underground tunnels. They are feared, not for their strength, but for their multitude. Goblins hate bright sunlight and will try to avoid it. Goblins are often characterized as stupid creatures, probably because of the number of times that they have been duped and enslaved by other races. While not a particularly smart race, Goblins are quite technically proficient, and have been known to replicate and modify existing designs and creations to suit their malicious needs.


Goblins mostly live in tribes underground. Their holes are filthy breeding grounds for a wide variety of diseases, none of which seem to affect them. Goblin society is one of struggle and war in which every member of society must contribute. Most Goblins live almost entirely for the thrill of the carnage they cause and the loot they capture. Rarely will one ever witness a Goblin performing physical labor of its own free will. Goblins tend to have a wicked, cruel streak, and common forms of entertainment include torturing prisoners and gladiatorial fights between captives, beasts, or any mix thereof.


Goblins are not particularly strong in combat, and they tend to use nontraditional weaponry such as spears, poisonous darts, and bombs to gain the upper hand. Often thought to be stupid creatures, Goblins are frequently able to use this very stereotype to their advantage in battle, employing a variety of unconventional, but effective, battle tactics. Still, more often than not, Goblins achieve their battle victories through overwhelming numbers alone.