The Green Wyvern is a serpentine creature resembling a dragon in form, though not in wits. A bit dimwitted and rejected by other dragonkind as something quite a bit less, these creatures suffer from bouts of inferiority, making them quite nasty to all creatures inferior to them. Because they make their homes in swamps, the Lizardmen are most often the brunt of these creatures' nasty fits. Lizardmen make offerings to Green Wyverns and Green Wyverns generally do not eat Lizardmen, unless the offerings are not satisfactory, and then they only eat a couple Lizardmen (usually a shaman or leader) as an example and to keep the populace devoted to the Wyverns. In return, Wyverns will upon occasion perform feats and protect their worshippers in battle. Green Wyverns are extremely vicious creatures striking their prey with poisonous fangs and snapping jaws, but they lack the breath attack of normal dragons, and their scales are not nearly as strong as armor.

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