Age of Wonders I Wiki

Halflings are a small, peaceful race of humanoids. Outgoing and cheerful, Halflings lead a pastoral life emphasizing comfort. Halflings are not likely to go on adventures, as such endeavors make one late for dinner.


Halfling society is one of harmony and peace. Villages can be made up of as few as two or three families. They farm and trade with close neighbors like the Elves and Dwarves. Even in old age, Halflings manage to remain cheerful and productive. They work hard at their businesses, but work is rarely their primary focus.


Even though war can be brutal, Halflings tend not to take it seriously. They cope by telling tales and retreating to thoughts of more pleasant things, when not engaged in combat. Nevertheless, Halflings make fine warriors, as they are able to use their nimbleness and size to evade their opponents, taking the offensive when they see an opening in the enemy's defenses. Halflings are very resourceful in times of war, employing allies such as Satyrs, Centaurs, Great Eagles, and Rogues to fight alongside them.