Halfling Clerics are the epitome of joy. Their entire religious philosophy revolves around the notion that life is about having joy and things that bring lasting happiness. While home life is central to halfling life, Halfling Clerics have been known to travel great distances just to learn a new joke that might cause every member of their community to laugh. Other Clerics spend years preparing a single prank, just to make the Satyrs and Leprechauns roll in the grass with guffaws.

Halfling Clerics can harness magical energies and propel them at their enemies either at a distance or in hand-to-hand striking. They consider the Undead to be an illness, and an assassin of joy, and as such Halfling Clerics will expend all their energies to turn it away. Halfling Clerics excel at healing and have a high resistance to magic, as well.

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