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A hero is a special unit with the freedom to choose which abilities to learn and stats to improve when they advance in experience level. Whereas traditional units can only advance in level twice, a hero advances five times before achieving their maximum level.

Heroes are the only units that can cast spells (ie. only heroes can possess the Spell Casting ability) or use items.

Heroes cost Gold 5 plus Gold 2 for each level of the hero in upkeep per turn.

New Heroes[]

There are several reasons a hero might join a cause:

  • Each cause starts with one leader, who is a hero.
  • As a leader acquires fame, a hero may offer to join as a random event.
  • Heroes may offer to join when freed from dungeons.
  • A hero can be summoned through the Call Hero spell.
  • A hero can be resurrected or reanimated through spells.

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