Age of Wonders I Wiki

In-Game Description[]

Heavily armored and extremely skilled with a long sword, the Human Cavalier charges fearlessly into battle. Cavaliers serve their lord with the utmost loyalty, and maintain an unwavering commitment to the principles of chivalry. They are popular with the people, and are respected by their enemies.


Cavaliers are the strongest melee unit the Humans have at their disposal. Although their base damage output is not as high as some Level 3 units of other races such as Giants, Trolls and Warlords, they benefit from the charge ability and have very good Defense as well as parry to bolster it even further.

Cavaliers should be produced often whenever access to them is available, as they are an invaluable addition to any Human army. Capable of going toe-to-toe with just about any close-quarters unit in the game, they can protect your ranged units effectively and are good for both defending your city or raiding a hostile one.

Dealing with Cavaliers, especially if they are massed in groups, can be troublesome. They lack a ranged attack, so units which can fly and shoot a projectile will effortlessly clean them up, but otherwise you'll have to rely on your strongest units to fight them. Even outnumbered by ranged units, Cavaliers can last a long time due to their solid Defense and Health. Magic from a hero or leader and projectiles from strong units such as Yaka Avatars or Basilisks can be effective, as Cavaliers have less Resistance than Defense. Weaker magic-using units should be careful though, since the Cavaliers will dispatch them easily if they close the distance.