Age of Wonders I Wiki

Mana (Mana) is a resource that's used to cast or research spells.

Obtaining Mana[]

There are several ways to generate mana:

  • Captured power nodes can generate mana each turn if the owner has studied the appropriate sphere of magic.
  • Heroes generate Mana5 every turn for every level of Spell Casting they possess. Leaders generate an additional Mana5 every turn.
  • Mana crystal resources may be found on the world map.

Using Mana[]

The total amount of mana a leader can produce per turn before any spending is called their mana power base. A leader's power base can be allocated toward research to discover new spells or stored as mana crystals for future spell casting. Only freshly generated mana can be used for research; once mana has been stored, it is no longer available for research purposes.

Every spell costs mana to cast. Enchantment and summoning spells also cost mana to maintain. More powerful spells cost more mana to research and to cast.

If a leader is unable to produce enough mana each turn to cover the cost of their enchantments and summoned creatures, their mana production can be negative. Their mana reserves will continue to deplete each turn until they run out. When there is no longer enough mana to power ongoing spells, the spells will expire immediately until mana production is no longer negative.

Mana can be given to other leaders as tribute.