Age of Wonders I Wiki

A Node is a magical structure that can generate mana. With the exception of the Power Node, each is dedicated to a particular element of magic only a leader who has studied at least 1 sphere of that element can benefit from the node.

Types of Nodes[]

  • Cosmos node  Power Node
  • Life node  Life Node
  • Death node  Death Node
  • Air node  Air Node
  • Earth node  Earth Node
  • Water node  Water Node
  • Fire node  Fire Node

Mana Generation[]

A Power Node generates 10 mana at the end of each turn for whichever player controls it at that time, regardless of which or how many magic spheres the leader has studied. The elemental nodes generate 15 mana per turn if at least one sphere of that same element is studied by the leader who controls it, and 5 more mana per turn for each additional sphere of that element. So if a player controls a Fire Node and their leader has studied 3 Fire Spheres, the node will provide 25 mana per turn.

This table shows the correlation between number of spheres studied of a given element and the mana generated per turn by a node of that same element.

Spheres Studied Mana Generated
0 0
1 15
2 20
3 25
4 30

Mastery Spells[]

Each element of magic has a Master Spell, unlocked after studying 4 spheres of that element. When cast, these spells summon a Level 4 elemental unit to the location of each node under the player's control that matches the element of the spell that was cast. Each summoned creature is under the control of the caster and requires the normal 10 mana upkeep per turn.

This table shows which unit will be summoned at which location given the casting of each mastery spell.

Mastery Cast Unit Summoned At Location
Life Mastery Gold Dragon Life Nodes
Death Mastery Black Dragon Death Nodes
Air Mastery Air Elemental Air Nodes
Earth Mastery Earth Elemental Earth Nodes
Water Mastery Water Elemental Water Nodes
Fire Mastery Fire Elemental Fire Nodes