Age of Wonders I Wiki

Orcs are a race of humanoids known for their rough facial features and brutality in battle. They stand roughly as tall as Humans, their hair is typically dark and unkempt, and their skin tone is a greenish hue. Orcs are not thought to be very intelligent beings, but are well-respected and feared in battle by both allies and enemies.


Orcs believe that they are the supreme race. They have little, if any, respect for other races. Pride, wealth, and territory are highly valued, and Orcs believe the best way to obtain these things is through war and battle. Orc society is harsh. Its members are forced to endure many types of pain, suffering, and deprivation on a daily basis in order to make them stronger. Status is based solely on one's rank within the military, which is usually based on strength and stamina. When not at war, Orcs often fight amongst each other for lack of any other way to express their aggression.


Orcs take particular pleasure in the brutality of war and hand-to-hand combat. They have refined the art of war to a degree beyond that of any other race and are able to deal with almost any situation through some means of force, be it by combat or assassination. Since not every Orc is cut out for infantry, much less cavalry and the elite ranks, ranks of archers and shamans are plentiful, although they are rarely ever called upon except when tactically needed. Orcs consider the use of magic in battle cowardly, and one of the only reasons an Orc will ever run from battle is if the enemy is utilizing magic heavily.