There are twelve races in Age of Wonders I. Each race has their own cities which produce their own units. Units of the same race often have similar abilities and stats. A hero's race determines some of their starting abilities and stats. Units and cities may respond in friendly or in hostile ways to leaders, depending on the race relations between them.

  • Azracs are desert nomads with powerful offensive abilities, but limited defense.
  • Dark Elves reside in darkness and rely on stealth and magic in combat.
  • Dwarves are fierce close-quarters fighters who are acclimated to the mountains and underground caves.
  • Elves are forest-dwelling people with less physical strength, but tactical ability and swiftness.
  • Frostlings specialize in cold-based attacks, reflecting the nature of their arctic homeland.
  • Goblins are not known for their proficiency in combat, instead the underground-dwelling people overwhelm their opponents with sheer numbers of troops.
  • Halflings reside in grassland areas and are known for their skillful ranged attackers.
  • Highmen are a magical race with supernatural abilities that make them particularly effective against the forces of evil.
  • Humans are adapted to many different climates and in combat rely on a balanced array of units, rather than magical abilities or protections.
  • Lizardmen are a reptilian race who live in swamps and are expert swimmers. They are strong close-range fighters, but are more vulnerable to magic attacks.
  • Orcs are slow but powerful warriors, both offensively and defensively. They tend to be vulnerable to magic attacks.
  • Undead forces are highly resistant to many forms of damage except for holy attacks.