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Terrain describes the geographic conditions that make an area easy or difficult for units to traverse. How much terrain a unit can cover depends on the type of terrain, the unit's movement, and the unit's abilities. Terrain may also provide a morale bonus or penalty based on the race of the unit.

Terrain Movement Point Cost
City 3
Desert 4
Dirt 4 or 3 with Cave Crawling
Forest 6 or 4 with Floating, Flying, or Forestry
Grassland 4
Hill 6 or 4 with Floating, Flying, or Mountaineering
Ice 4
Lava Impassable or 4 with Fire Halo
Mountains Impassable or 8 with Floating, Flying, or Mountaineering
Road 3 or 2 with Enchant Roads
Snow 4
Steppe 4
Water Impassable or 4 with Sailing or Swimming


Below is a list of the friendly and hostile terrain for each race.

Race Friendly Terrain Hostile Terrain
Azrac Desert Ice, Snow
Dark Elf Dirt None
Dwarf Dirt None
Elf Grassland Wasteland
Frostling Ice, Snow Desert
Goblin Dirt None
Halfling Grassland Wasteland
Highman None None
Human None None
Lizardman Water Desert, Wasteland
Orc None None
Undead Wasteland Grassland

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