Once a great race, Trolls are solitary creatures in decline.They roam the dark recesses of the earth, ever more perturbed at the loss of their underground realm to the growing masses of other races which have come since the Human invasion. As they lose more and more ground, they occasionally seek to drive out the intruders, and so they enlist the aid of the Goblins.The Goblins have learned to exploit Trolls to fight for them, often using great flattery and exaggerated stories about other races inhabiting the subterranean world.Trolls put great effort into being clever, though sadly they are still quite slow-witted, as evidenced by the fact that they use no weapon in battle. Many stories have been written of heroes, common folk, and even animals that outwitted a Troll or used a Troll's own trap against it. Among common folk Trolls are frequently the butt of jokes.

Even so, Trolls are very strong. They have strong regenerative abilities and can see in the dark.

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