Doom Priests exist because of the Mortal obsession with and inability to reconcile death. The eventual fate of all mortals being death, these men (almost entirely human) prophesy the end of all things and the eventual death of the world, they share a common dogma with the Undead and in so doing they too become imbued with Undead abilities. They trade their living breath for the powers of darkness and a chance at immortality among the world of decay. Doom Priests are very persuasive in their preaching, often convincing entire groups of living to join with and submit to the powers of darkness. Doom Priests are immune to poison and often take up snakes or drink venom in an effort to impress upon others their godlike power, their followers who attempt the same often end up joining the undead in fully dead form. Doom Priests are resistant to fire, lightning and cold. They are immune to death magic and are so convinced of their cause that they are fearless in their cause.

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