The very embodiment of death, The Reaper visits those who are about to die. However, since the Undead have walked the Earth, sightings of the Reaper have occurred more and more frequently, causing many to claim that the entire world is condemned to death. The mere sight of a Reaper inspires terror. This fear is not unwarranted; The Reaper's withering touch kills anything from plant, animal life and higher forms of life. In combat a Reaper may steal the very life from the living to sustain itself.

It is a rare individual who survives an encounter with death, but Reapers are beatable. Little is known to affect the Reaper as well, as it is immune to fear, poison, and death attacks and highly resistant to cold and lightning. A damaged Reaper regenerates quickly, giving it ungodly advantages and ability to enter and harvest the living as grain.

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