Most corpses which rise from the dead, do so in the form of the common Undead soldier. Being dead, they rise and grab whatever weapon they may find. Most commonly, this weapon is a longsword, but hordes have been known to grab the limbs of other dead, sticks or anything with which they can smash things. Undead feel no emotion and it is debatable whether they are truly sentient or reasonable, but they inspire fear and dread wherever they go. Like most of their race, Undead warriors are immune to many attacks, such as poison, charm, and fear. They are highly resistant to cold, fire, and lightning. Being animated, they can take considerable damage and if not completely destroyed, will pull themselves back together after each combat. Skeletal warriors move at a slower rate than similarly sized humanoids due to their age and rigidity. For the same reason, Undead warriors typically have less power behind each blow than other humanoids.

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