The fabled Unicorn is a secretive creature that dwells deep within the forests, far from mankind. Unicorns can be vain creatures for more than any other mythical beast they are the subject of the most legends and fanciful tales. They are sought by fair maidens before their weddings, and wise wizards seeking enlightenment. A Unicorn resembles a white mare with a large, straight horn protruding from its head. According to legend, a Unicorn's horn has magical powers. One such legend states that the horn enables it to disappear and appear elsewhere in the blink of an eye. Another legend claims the horn gives the creature the ability to heal. For this reason, unicorns are frequently hunted by Shamans of greedy races, hoping to obtain the horn for potions.

Unicorns have a naturally high resistance to magic and are able to defend themselves aptly in combat.They are also able to move quickly over long distances and through forests.

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