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Unit morale reflects a unit's willingness to fight for a leader. A unit's morale is equal to the unit's race relations points plus or minus various unit-specific modifiers. Low morale units are more vulnerable in combat and may even desert their leader.

Unit Morale Point Range Stat Modifiers
High 80-100 None
Good 60-79 None
Okay 40-59 None
Poor 20-39 -1 Defense, -1 Resistance
Terrible 0-19 -2 Defense, -2 Resistance

Machines have no morale value and neither receive stat penalties nor figure into party morale.

Morale Modifiers[]

The following factors may improve or worsen a unit's morale.

Factor Morale Modifier
Panicked -40
Afraid -40
Insufficient upkeep -10 per day
Hostile unit in party -10 per hostile unit
In hostile terrain -10
In friendly terrain +10
Unit with Bard's Skills in party +10

Party Morale and Desertion[]

Units may be grouped together into a party; no more than 8 units per world map hex may be grouped in this way. Party morale reflects the morale of the party as a whole. If the majority of a party contains units with poor or terrible morale, the group is in peril of desertion. Higher-level units exert more influence when determining the party morale.

Party Morale Chance of Desertion per Day
Cheerful 0%
Content 0%
Stable 0%
Unrest 10%
Unruly 50%